• Community Brick Walkway

    Bricks The Sauquoit Valley Community Brick Walkway allows everyone the opportunity to “leave their mark.”  Your purchase will help beautify the school grounds for student and community use as well as to raise funds that will develop programs for the school and the community. Each brick is engraved with the text of your choice and installed by the foundation.  These bricks are located in the walkway next to the athletic complex at the Sauquoit Valley High School. The messages on each brick vary from words of congratulations for special occasions to those honoring the memory of loved ones. Businesses, families and other groups can also purchase a brick to show their support of the district and community.

    Please consider buying a brick today and help our community grow!

    Brick orders are due by:   October 1 for Fall installation and April 1 for Spring installation


    Standard Size Brick Paver are 4″ x 8″ 4x8

    $50 each


    8″x8″ Brick Paver8x8

    1 Brick $100.00

    Message maximum is four lines in length



    Click here to order on-line.


    Fill in each field exactly as the inscription should appear on the brick.
    There are three lines with fourteen spaces per line for a standard brick.
    Thank you for your support of the Sauquoit Valley Foundation.
    If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Briggs at 315-527-5608 or email sauquoitvalleyfoundation@gmail.com