• French 1

    In French I students learn to initiate and have conversation.  Topics include but are not limited to the weather, pastimes/ hobies, family, and school. Students will also learn to order in a restaurant and shop. An important part of class is learning about French culture, especially having to do with food and holidays. Students will develop all skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing. Active participation is necessary to success.    

    French II

    French II is offered to students in grades 9-12. This class continues the objectives of French I and increases the student's ability to speak,read, write and listen well.  There is an intense focus on regular and irregular verbs,idiomatic expressions and other grammatical forms. Students are introduced to past tense and advanced vocabulary.  French culture, family life, Francophone regions and regions of France are incorporated in every unit. 


    French III

    This class develops the content introduced in French II in preparation for the New York State Regents' Examination (level-three proficiency in a second language as defined by the New York State Department of Education) in French, which students take upon completion of this course. Conversational fluency is emphasized. Multiple verb tenses are learned.  Students learn and practice complex grammatical structures with greater emphasis on composition and reading comprehension.


    French IV

      Students internalize common structures of the language (vocabulary, word order, and various verb tenses).  Students use French independently to describe, exchange information & opinions, and analyze issues. 
    Students improve their abilities to ask and answer questions,u nderstand entire class periods of spoken French, and d escribe and discuss a current issue. Students u se French in a variety of day to day events, g ive a well-reasoned opinion (spoken & written) in French and support it with details. Great emphasis is placed on culutre.

    French 201 and French 202


    French 201 and 202 Intermediate French


    The intermediate sequence is designed to continue the development of the students’ ability to communicate in the language through the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The sequence includes a review and further study of pronunciation and, grammar, and vocabulary.  Civilization, literature, contemporary issues, and everyday situations constitute the subject mater for communication.  The second semester is the continuation of the first. 

    Because this course also serves as a preparation for many students to study AP French Literature, students are encouraged to think critically about some of the literature covered, especially the stories by Voltaire, Maupassant, or other classical writers.