• Curriculum maps

    Curriculum maps

    FORM____CURRICULUM_MAP_Semester_1.doc French_3_Curriculum_Map_Sept_-_Dec.doc French_3_CURRICULUM_MAP__Jan-_June_2005.doc French_4_CURRICULUM_MAP_2010_Semester_1.doc French_4_CURRICULUM_MAP__2010_semester_2.doc semester_2.doc

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  • Blog le loup et l'agneau

    Blog le loup et l'agneau

    Le loup et l'agneauPosted by Alissa Reilly on Monday, Aug 24th, 2009.Retrouvez dans votre culture, des histoires, des fables qui mettent en scène des animaux pour éduquer les hommes. Faites des comparaisons avec ce texte.[Post Comment]

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  • Travel sites

    Travel sites

    Resourcesgoogle.com -IMAGE, pays francophoneclasszone.com Voyageons en Haïti Voyageons en Côte d'IvoireVoyageons à MadagascarVoyageons au MarocVoyageons en Polynésie FrançaiseVoyageons en TunisieExcite Travel: Côte d'IvoireHaïti Online: Temps Forts de l'actualitéExcite Travel: HaïtiExcite Travel: MadagascarExcite Travel: Martinique, Countries TerritoriesExcite Travel: Guadeloupe, Countries TerritoriesExcite Travel: French Polynesia, Countries TerritoriesTahiti ExplorerE xcite Travel: French Guiana, Countries TerritoriesExcite Travel: Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Countries TerritoriesExcite Travel: Réunion, Countries TerritoriesExcite Travel: AlgeriaExcite Travel: CanadaExcite Travel: Countries Territories E xcite Travel: Burkina FasoExcite Travel: BurundiExcite Travel: SenegalExcite Travel: LuxembourgExcite Travel: ZaireExcite Travel: MonacoLa Principauté de MonacoExcite Travel: MoroccoExcite Travel: BelgiumE xcite Travel: LebanonExcite Travel: Sri LankaExcite Travel: SwitzerlandExcite Travel: Wallis and Futuna, Countries TerritoriesExcite Travel: Andorra Excite Travel: DjiboutiCaribbean Hotel and Resort Guide. Caribbean - Where to Stay in the Caribbean!Guadeloupe / St. Barthelemy / St. Barts / Saint Barthelemy / Saint Barts / Martinique / Les Saintes / Iles Des Saintes / St. Martin / French West Indies / Hotels / Villas / Home

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  • Webquest


    Assume the role of a character from a piece of literature that we have read this year. Image that you are this characterter (a native speaker of French) and you are about to relocate to another Francophone country. You will write two letters in French and you will respond to a letter from one of your classmates.Remember, you are writing your letters in the "personnage" that you have assumed. Process Letter 1Introduce yourself (as the personnage you have picked). Include your name, age, and profession. Explain why you had to relocate,describe your new home in a detailed manner, and your feelings about your big move. You must include:nameageprofessionfinancial earning (how much money you make?) do you live in an apartment in the city or a house in the country?what does your dwelling look like? how many rooms are there?what furniture do you have?Letter 2Pick the specific place where you want to relocate and use the Internet to research information about your country. You must include information about:climate and geographythe country's currencyother languages spokenexports3 cultural facts of your choiceYou are now a "local". Describe your professional life, daily routine, leisure activities, relationship with family and relatives, food, restaurants, museums, cinema, dating, sports,etc. WEBQUEST RUBRICConclusionFrom actively participating in this project, you will learn how to use the Internet effectively, enhance your knowledge of the French speaking world, learn life skills about money, expand your French vocabulary about housing, etc. Most importantly you will reflect on the French literature that you have read and learn how to precisely develop your ideas into well written French. You will also enjoy reading your classmates work as you learn more about the French speaking areas of the world.

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  • Checkpoint B Information  (formerly known as Regents exam)

    Checkpoint B Information (formerly known as Regents exam)

    COMPREHENSIVE REGENTS EXAMINATION FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, AND SPANISH When? Regents Exams in all four languages are offered in June during Regents Exam Week. Regents Exams in French and Spanish are also offered in January. Description of Exam: The Regents Examination has 4 parts: Part I: Speaking Test (24 points) Part II: Listening Test (30 Points) Part III: Reading Test (30 points) Part IV: Writing Test (16 points) Part I: SPEAKING TEST (24 points) * consists of a speaking test administered during speaking test period which begins 10 weeks prior to the written test and ends five calendar days prior to the written test * Students must perform a total of two communication tasks randomly selected from a bank of 60 topics. * Each task consists of a brief statement in English to indicate the purpose and the setting of the communication, the role of the teacher, and the person who is to initiate the conversation. * For each task, the student must complete six utterances or statements. * Each utterance can receive up to two points: **Student receives 2 points if his statement is comprehensible, appropriate, and consistent with Checkpoint B of the syllabus.:* ** Student is awarded only 1 credit if his utterance is comprehensible and appropriate, but below Checkpoint B standard. SAMPLE TOPIC: [Teacher Initiates] Teacher says: I am a student. You are an exchange student at my school. We have just heard that a school trip has been canceled. We are going to share our reactions to that decision. I will start the conversation. No Credit Responses: * yes/no responses * restatements of all or essential parts of what teacher has said. * proper names used in isolation * socializing devices (Hello, How are you, etc.) used in isolation. PART II: LISTENING COMPREHENSION (30 points) 9 passages in second language, each followed by a question in English * Students will first hear some background information in English, then a passage in the second language twice, and then a question in

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  • Sports


    SportsSki France www.skifrance.fr Add text here. Add text here. Add text here.[Back to Top]French Tennis Open www.frenchopen.org Tour de France www.letour.com

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  • Regions of France

    Regions of France

    Regions of FranceAlsace www.tourism-alsace.com Aquitaine www.crt.cr-aquitaine.fr Auvergne www.crt-auvergne.fr Brittany www.brittanytourism.com Burgundy www.burgundy-tourism.com Champagne www.tourisme-champagne-ardenne.com Corica www.visit-corsica.com Franche-Comté www.franche-comte.org Ile-de-France www.paris-ile-de-france.com Languedoc-Roussillon www.sunfrance.com Limousin www.tourismelimousin.com/fr Loire Valley www.loirevalleytourism.com Lorraine www.crt-lorraine.fr Midi-Pyrénées www.tourisme-midi-pyrenees.com Nord-pas-de-Calais www.crt-nordpasdecalais.fr Normandy www.normandy-tourism.org Picardie www.picardietourisme.com PoitouChartes www.poitou-charentes-vacances.com Provence www.crt-paca.fr Rhône-Alpes www.rhonealpes-tourisme.com Riviera-Côte d'Azur www.guideriviera.com Western Loire www.enpaysdelaloire.com

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