• MVCC College Connections

     College Connections is a scholarship program targeting High School students who would like to earn College credits and experience a collegiate environment.

    Student interested in participating in the MVCC College Connections Program need to contact their High School Counselor and take the Placement Test if they have not previously done so.

    Please contact Mr. Scialdone to schedule a placement test.

     Application Deadlines are as follows:
    Fall 2018: Registration deadline is June 1st


    MVCC College Connections Requirements


    1. High School Juniors and Seniors with Counselor Recommendation.

    2. GPA of 80% or higher.

    3. Students planning to use a MVCC course for a High School requirement / credit must adhere to the Sauquoit Valley Board of Education Policy on High School Credit for College Coursework.


    1. Students will receive a registration printout that list information about courses selected and a billing statement.  
    2.  Students are responsible for purchasing books, a part-time activity fee, and a part-time technology fee.

    Register for a Placement Test using the link below: