• A few steps to help you on your search for a job in the Mohawk Valley...

    There are a number of ways to get started. If you have no idea what you want to do or what kind of job to look for, you can begin at:

    www.nycareerzone.org Here you can “assess yourself” to see what jobs match your interests. You can also click on any of the 6 occupational categories to get job descriptions. There is a place to refine the list and put in more specific information, such as your level of skills and your desired income.

    www.labor.state.ny.us   There is an extensive amount of information at the NYS Department of Labor’s website. Check out the Working in New York section. There you will find the NYjob bank and valuable information about finding a job in NY. You can also go to the Labor Market Information (LMI) to find out about education and training, salary, occupational projections for the Mohawk Valley, and many more areas. Also check out the business directory under LMI’s subject section. This will give you a list of businesses in every county that offers your chosen field of interest. It’s worth it to spend a good deal of time at this valuable website.

    www.working-solutions.org   Working Solutions is a collaborative effort among many agencies and programs dealing with employment and training issues. They utilize a 'One-Stop' approach in connecting businesses and job seekers. They are located in the New York State Office Building, 2nd floor on Genesee Street in Utica.

    www.bls.gov/   This is the website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For example, you can click on Job Openings and Labor Turnover, Employment by Occupation, Occupational Outlook Handbook, or Wages by Area and Occupation . There is a lot of information on this website to help you on your path to finding a job and future occupation.

    www.uticaod.com   The Utica Observer Dispatch newspaper is another great way to look for jobs. Check out the Classified Marketplace on the left side of the website. Click on “Career Builder” and start your job search. Keep in mind that not all businesses post their jobs in the newspaper and that is why it is good to check out the websites for the individual businesses that you’re interested in.

    www.centralnewyorkhelpwanted.com   This website has information about available jobs.

    http://newslink.org/nynews.html This site gives a link to most New York State newspapers. It is helpful in finding jobs throughout New York.

    www.monster.com   This is a national website, but you are able to pick the Utica area to search for particular jobs.

    Today’s employers are looking to hire people with more skills. Here are a few of the skills they are looking for:

    Good communication skills (oral & written)

    Basic mathematics skills

    Reading skills and ability to follow directions

    Punctuality (being on time)

    Basic computer skills

    Work ethic and reliability

    Integrity and honesty

    Good interpersonal skills

    Willingness to work with others/teamwork

    Conflict resolution skills