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Bus Safety Is Important

School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of many young lives each day.  Attention to school bus safety practices is essential if we are to maintain our excellent safety record.  Parents are urged to review the following bus safety rules with children before school begins.

  1. Students must give full cooperation to the bus driver.
  2. Students must be ready when the bus arrives, but stand well away from the road, at least 15 feet.
  3. Students must wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and doors have opened before boarding.
  4. When students cross a road to board the bus, they must watch the bus driver for his/her signal that it is safe to cross the road.
  5. When students cross a road after being discharged from the bus, they must cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus, watching the driver for his/her signal that it is safe to cross the road.
  6. Students should not eat or drink on the bus nor carry glass objects or containers on the bus.
  7. Students should never walk along the side or to the rear of the bus.
  8. The school bus is an extension of the school and al school rules and policies are in effect. Hence good conduct rules require that students may not smoke, use bad language, fight or quarrel, change seats or mark or deface the bus. Parents are reminded that any changes in the normal pickup or return schedule are to be made through the school office with a note from home.
  9. Drivers may assign seats on the bus.

Please never pass a stopped school bus!