• Welcome

    to Mrs. McROrie’s

    English Class



    Welcome parents and guardians!

    I hope that you and your children are as excited as I am to start the new school year!

    This year we will be working through the Common Core, and exploring several new avenues to become better readers and writers.

    Students will be working on developing several primary skills: reading closely for textual details, making evidence-based claims, researching to deepen understanding, and building evidence-based claims. This year we will be using a variety of literary genres to read, write, think about and discuss a variety of themes.


    Contact Information:

    (T): 315-839-6316

    (e): tmcrorie@svcsd.org

    Need Help? Have a question? See me during “Office Hours:”

    Monday-Friday                                         2:20-3:00

    Monday –Friday                                       Periods 2 and 9


    Grade Calculation:

    Tests/Essays/Projects:                                            40%

    Quizzes                                                                     30%

    Classroom Assessments and Homework              20%

    Class Attendance and Participation                      10%


    *Please refer to the syllabus that I sent home with your child at the beginning of the year for assignment guidelines and policy and expectations.


    Please encourage your child to always be respectful, responsible, prepared, and be growth-minded…accept challenge….want to learn!!!