Math Class                                                 Mrs. Williams                                                  Room 209


    phone:  (315) 839-6316


    Classroom Expectations

    Be Prompt:  I will be on time for class, so I expect students to be on time. 

    You need to be on time for class and ready to learn.  3 tardies = detention

    Be Prepared::  I will be prepared to teach each day, I expect you to be prepared to learn.

    Have the necessary materials ready to be successful in class each day:  binder, pens/pencils, and a calculator.  Trips to locker will be marked as tardy. 

    Be Productive:  I will be productive in class, so I expect my students to be productive.

    You don’t become good at math by sitting in a classroom.  You must be attentive and participate with effort. 

    Be Polite:  I will be respectful, so I expect students to be respectful.

    Disrespect will not be tolerated.  We will all be more successful if we work together.


    Grading Policy

    Grades are on a point system.  Points will be accumulated each semester in the following ways:

    • Homework- (about 15% of the grade)
    • Tests/quizzes/labs- (about 85% of the grade)

    These percentages are approximate and will vary each quarter.  However, there are usually 8-10 homework assignments per unit and tests are usually between 50 and 75 points.


    Homework policy

    Classwork will be assigned daily.  Students are expected to have most of the work completed (and checked with the answer key available in the front of the room) before the end of class and it will be checked for completion or collected at the beginning of class the next day.  Some days it will be graded on a 4 point scale:


    4- complete/legible/mastery; directions followed; all work shown;  only 1 or two minor errors

    3- about ¾ of the problems complete/correct;  correct process, but needs some correction; some directions not followed, details missing 

    2- about ½ of the problems are complete/correct;  has frequent errors which require correction;  directions not followed;  *maximum credit for late HW

    1- about ¼ of problems complete/correct;  messy/difficult to read;   problems skipped;  incorrect process;  no work shown

    0- not done 


    *Late homework and/or corrections will not be accepted after the unit test.   


    On days that homework is not given a numeric grade, it will be checked for completion during class. For every 10 assignment that has been completed and corrected,  one point will be added to the overall average. (This could be a significant benefit to the average.  In a ten week marking period, as many as 4 or 5 points could be added.)


    Testing Policy

    Extra credit is available by completing a study guide (“cheat sheet”) for the unit, which will be collected the prior to taking the test.  Bonus points will be awarded only if all HW assignments were also completed for the unit.  There will be no retests given. 


    Absence Policy

    Students who are absent are responsible to find out what they missed by picking up the materials from the day(s) they were absent, getting notes from a classmate and completing the assignment by the next day.

    Students who are absent on the day of a test are responsible to make up the test on their own time.  An appointment can be made during one of my free periods or after school


    Extra Help

    If you have questions about a topic, problem or homework assignment I am available for extra help after school or during my plan periods.  Please let me know in advance when you plan to come in so I can write you a pass and adjust my schedule accordingly.  There are days that I have meetings or other obligations, so I need to know ahead of time when students are coming to my room.  My plan periods are 2nd  and 8th.  There are other periods during the day where we may also be able to make arrangements.


    Have a successful and enjoyable year.   Let me know if you have questions or concerns.


    Policies are subject to change per Mrs. Williams’ discretion.