All Art Classes: You were given a handout of drawing/art exercise assignments on 3/13. Please use this handout throughout the closure. 2-3 hours a week drawing will help you tremendously when we return. The handout is attached below. Art Assignments for home
    Through the variety of art classes available, students can explore techniques, materials and avenues of expression from basic to advanced. On the left, you can navigate through the different class pages for descriptions and samples of student work.


    We don't just draw and make messes, we...
    • Develop visual-spatial abilities
    • Practice reflection of our processes and products
    • Improve ourselves through self-criticism
    • Learn creative problem solving skills
    • Practice persistence through extended tasks
    • Improve our visual vocabulary 
    • Augment our mind's visual library
    • Learn new ways to express ourselves visually and positively