• Welcome to Ms. Kisiel's Grade 6 Math Class Welcome to Ms. Kisiel's Grade 6 Math Class

    Course Outline  -  Grade 6  -  Mathematics

    Ms. Kisiel  School Phone: 839-6371          




    COMMON CORE CURRICULUM: (It is more rigorous and demanding.)


    " Problem Solving Strategies

    " Number System Fluency – Fractions, Decimals

    " Rates, Ratios, Percents, and Proportional Reasoning

    " Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

    " Area, Surface Area, and Volume

    " Statistics and Probability

    " Numbers and Their Opposites - Integers and Coordinate Graphing




    à        Follow the 4-Ps:  Be Prepared, Prompt, Polite and Productive

    à        NO gum, candy, pens

    à        No bathroom or lockers during class, except in an emergency (we need all the time we get!)






    Ä Warnings in class

    Ä Violations

    Ä Leaving the room temporarily to gain control

    Ä Detentions - after school or during lunch


    VIOLATIONS: (Effort and Participation Grade)


    ? These are given for not following the rules of the classroom

    ? Every student begins each quarter with 100 pt. for an Effort/Participation

    ? Students have 2 points deducted each time they receive a violation

    ? Types of violations: Missing/incomplete work or materials, late for class, negative behavior

    ? An additional 5 pt. will be deducted at the end of the quarter if there are still missing assignments




    §  Every night you will have homework - TRY YOUR BEST ON EACH ASSIGNMENT (DO NOT come to class with an undone assignment and say, "I didn't get it!"  Not an acceptable excuse!) Students will, quite often, be cross-grading assignments of other students because this is an extremely useful educational tool for immediate feedback

    §  HW may be collected, graded in class or checked off during class - every assignment is important - they are worth points towards your grade.

    §  Work not done is expected to be completed by the following day; will get late points late

    §  Points may be deducted for incorrect heading AND sloppy work




    Ø  Students earn points for each assignment: (They are recorder on my clipboard.)  

    √+ = 2pts.      √ = 1pt.      √- = .5pt.    0 = 0 pt.

    Ø Notebook/Projects/Quizzes:                                          COUNT 2 TIMES

    Ø Effort/Participation, Homework/Classwork:                  COUNT 1 TIME




    v Notebooks will be graded 2 times a year (Quarter 1 and 3) and will be given a checklist prior to grading

    v Students will be guided through organizing the notebook by the teacher throughout the year so they are expected to do the following:

                                        a)  Put reinforces on all loose-leaf and pages falling out

                                        b)  Put page numbers go in TOP, RIGHT corner

                                        c)  Put the date on all notes

                                        d)  Keep a Table of Contents

                                        e)  Keep notes neat and organized

                                        f)  Use a highlighter for all main titles and page numbers

    v Students must keep their folder neat and organized, and clean it out at the end of each quarter

    v Keep all assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. in the folder along with 10-15 sheets of loose-leaf






    P Students must have a calculator as they will use it on the state test

    P Students will be assigned a calculator to use from a class set of calculators in the classroom in case they forget

           their own

    P Students will use calculators in class and on homework  at the teacher’s discretion

    P Students may use calculators on assignments to check only unless told otherwise

                                                                                                                                                                                           Hard Pays Off!