• Welcome Fifth Graders!!

    Welcome to fifth grade at the middle school!!!  This is a year full of brand new experiences.   For one, you will be attending a new school building where you will need to find where your new classrooms are located.  For the first time, you will have your own individualized schedule to read and follow throughout the day.  Now, for the first time, you will be rotating through periods at the sound of a bell to new classes taught by new teachers.   Plus, that schedule changes for 7th and 8th period as to whether it is an odd day (Day 1,3, 5)or an even day (Day 2, 4, 6).  Another brand new experience is that you will be assigned a new combination locker that you will need to open to get the correct materials for your different classes.  Lastly, and for the first time, you are the one responsible for getting yourself to the correct location for each class period on time. 

    Wow!!  That seems like a lot to manage!  Well, don’t worry.  Your three main fifth grade teachers (Mrs. Cook, Ms. Putnam, and Ms. Smith) are going to teach you how to successfully manage all these new aspects of middle school.  We will show you how to open up your locker, how to read your schedule, how to get to your new classrooms on time with the correct materials, how to stay organized, and how to earn good grades in our classes!!  

    Students are encouraged to bring in a snack to eat at the beginning of their third period class and water to drink throughout the morning before lunch.  

    In order for us to help you have a successful and rewarding year in fifth grade,  we will need you to consistently follow some general guidelines.  Please refer to the "General 5th Grade Guidelines" page.

    Interim/Progress Reports:
    Another new aspect of the middle school has to do with grading.  Midway through each ten-week marking period, middle school students will receive an "Interim Report".  These progress reports offer an average grade range that a student has in each of his/her subjects half way through each quarter of the school year.  Please check the Parent Portal on a regular basis for the grades we have gathered for your child.