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    Our Music Department Philosophy

    In every culture, music plays an important role in the quality of life. Music education can be a means to instruct in both our culture and those foreign to us. It has many facets: mathematics, science, history, and foreign language. Each of these is enhanced through kinesthetic, visual, and auditory activities. Music Education can be a method by which students can personally enrich their lives through self-expression, problem solving and aesthetic development.

    The goals of our music students are that students will be able to:

    1. Acquire knowledge of both his/her culture and of other cultures foreign to their own.

    1. Constructively evaluate musical works and performances.

    1. Understand the basic structure of music from a theoretical and historical perspective.

    1. Develop their musical ability through rehearsals, lessons, and performances.

    1. Express their feelings by interpreting music.

    1. Learn cooperation and respect by being a part of a performing ensemble. Each member is an important part of the whole, and success is dependent upon each member’s participation.


    Music Department Faculty 

    Ryan Decker
    Music Content Area Coordinator
    MS/HS Music/Choir
    Director of Dramatics 
    MS Phone: 315-839-6371
    HS Phone: 315-839-6316 
    Stephanie Carbone
    MS/HS Band/Instrumental Lessons
    MS Music Office: 315-839-6373
    HS Phone: 315-839-6316
    Henryk Lotyczewski
    MS Band/Instrumental Lessons
    Jazz Ensemble Director
    MS Music Office: 315-839-6373