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    Our Music Department Philosophy

    In every culture, music plays an important role in the quality of life. Music education can be a means to instruct in both our culture and those foreign to us. It contains many facets: mathematics, science, history, and foreign language. Each of these is enhanced through kinesthetic, visual, and auditory activities. Music Education can be a method by which students can personally enrich their lives through self-expression, problem solving and aesthetic development.

    The goals of our music program are:

    1. Students will acquire knowledge of both his/her culture and of other cultures foreign to their own.

    1. Students will be able to constructively evaluate musical works and performances.

    1. Student will be able to understand the basic structure of music from a theoretical and historical perspective.

    1. Students will develop their musical ability through rehearsals, lessons, and performances.

    1. Students will be able to express his/her feelings by interpreting music.

    1. Perhaps the most important, students will learn cooperation and respect by being a part of a performing ensemble. Each member is an important part of the whole, and success is dependent upon each member’s participation.


    Music Department Faculty 
    Ryan Decker
    Music Department Chairperson 
    MS/HS Music/Choir
    Director of Dramatics 
    MS Phone: 315-839-6371
    HS Phone: 315-839-6316
    Stephanie Paine
    MS/HS Band/Instrumental Lessons
    Jazz I Director
    MS Music Office: 315-839-6373
    HS Phone: 315-839-6316
    Henryk Lotyczewski
    MS Band/Instrumental Lessons
    Jazz II Director
    MS Music Office: 315-839-6373

    Gerry Dischiavo
    Elementary Music